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Meet the Global Purpose Movement team, providing the organizational base for the network of purpose leaders, change-makers, conscious organizations, foundations and businesses that are taking action to inspire global change.




Emanuel Kuntzelman’s vision for Global Purpose Movement began as a student of sociology in the 1970s, when his professor explained the pending global crisis we faced as a result of the exponential growth in population, consumption, environmental degradation, technology and the production of armaments, among others things. The professor’s challenge was to find a solution to the crisis and preserve our planet and the well-being of humanity for future generations. Emanuel has been working on that homework assignment now for nearly a half century. A philosopher, writer, public speaker, and social entrepreneur, Emanuel is the founder and president of the Chicago-based non-profit Greenheart International and co-founder of Fundación por el Futuro (Foundation for the Future), based in Madrid, Spain.

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Vanessa Palmer is internationally known for her work as a creative brand director and strategist, a mindfulness and meditation trainer, speaker, self-help author and mindful documentary filmmaker. As a thought leader, she is passionate about telling stories and pioneering the mindfulness movement into mainstream society. 

She is the founder of MindCurate, a wellness tech company and mindfulness training method that talks with corporations, schools and urban environments to bring mindfulness into modern day society.

Vanessa joined the GPM team to assist in elevating the brand story and ethos of the ever expanding purpose movement.

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Sarvin Culley is an Iranian artist, activist, mindfulness enthusiast. Born in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war, Sarvin understood the power of healing through energy and mindfulness from an early age.


Her spiritual journey led her not only to continue mindfulness practice through art, but also to explore the power of team work and creativity as she cultivated mindfulness workshops for coworkers during her years of working in Human Resources in multinational companies in both Iran and UAE.


Sarvin joined the GPM Team to help plan, generate & coordinate the Operations of GPM and its entities, as well as managing communications for ongoing & upcoming summits and projects. 






Jill Robinson is a copywriter, content creator and storyteller passionate about helping mission-driven businesses and nonprofits change the world. As marketing director for Greenheart Travel, a branch of the Chicago-based nonprofit, Greenheart International, she was able to share her passion for travel and cultural experiences for nearly ten years before taking the leap to pursue personal projects. Jill has also collaborated with Integral Transformative Practice International to share stories of personal transformation inspired by the work of Esalen Institute’s Michael Murphy and human potential movement leader George Leonard. As GPM’s marketing director, she is thrilled at the opportunity to inspire positive change through the stories of purpose leaders around the globe. 

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